ENCHANTING ME: Unlock Your Natural Emotional and Social Intelligence

ENCHANTING ME: Unlock Your Natural Emotional and Social Intelligence

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**The sequel to the amazing ‘Disrupting Cupid – Daring to Date your Online Love Match”**

Imagine a world where the most attractive quality you possess in seeking and keeping true romance alive is your inner ‘quiet’ confidence.

Quiet confidence, a combination of your social and emotional intelligence, is the secret that will attract and keep a partner in romantic hold for as long as you desire.

Based on work with hundreds of clients, this groundbreaking discovery by relational therapist Toni Rogers and relationship coach J. F. Worthington, proves that ‘quality’ partners look way beyond ‘superficial’ and put the mesmerising effect of ‘quiet’ confidence as the no.1 spell-binding quality.

We all possess Social and Emotional Intelligence to a greater or lesser extent, however, contrary to some opinion these can be further developed and refined to give you a powerful advantage in the world of romantic connection.

Regardless of where your confidence levels currently sit in your bid to attract or keep a partnership, this book will take you on an easy to follow journey that goes way beyond the ‘big-up’ female/male literature on the market today.

You will:

Understand why men & women find quiet confidence so alluring and the reason why it locks them in.

Understand and master the role of social intelligence (SI) in ability to attract those we desire.

Understand and harness the power of emotional intelligence (EI) in creating a compelling quiet confidence.

Through SI and EI development you will be rapidly transported away from any heartbreak symptoms you may be or have experienced and put yourself in prime position to project yourself romantically forward.
Develop and deploy the ability to be quick-witted with amazing effect.

As a bonus section, we have also included a chapter on how your new SI and EI levels can be used in a compelling way for those seeking a new job or career opportunity.

This is the ‘sister’ ebook to ‘Disruptive Cupid – Complete A High-Value Relationship Discovery’ and we fully recommend you read that one first!
What some of the readers are saying about ‘Enchanting ME’:

‘I really enjoyed reading this positive and uplifting self-help book…..This book is easy to follow and understand. I recommend it to anyone who is seeking to take control of their romance connection. It is confidence inspiring for any age of reader.’

‘Wonderful…It’s an inspiring guide to those seeking calm and inner peace in the chaotic world of modern romance. I read this as part of my therapy for social anxiety, and I will definitely be recommending it to others.’

‘An uplifting and helpful book for all those wishing to become the best version of themselves in a romantic connection.’

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