Ep. 29, 4 Ridiculous Ways to Have Fun at Work This Week: Getting you through the week one episode at a time! (Having Fun in the Work Place Series)

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Episode 29

Work can really suck. Some days seem to drag on forever, and you’re reduced to just staring at the hands on the clock rotating slowly around until you can go home. You end up slumping to the ground, slowly dragging yourself towards the door with tears of despair running down your cheeks.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!!

Work can be fun! If you don’t believe me, then check out these 4 ridiculous ways to have fun at work this week. If you do believe me, then check them out anyway. Be cool! Be happy at work and have fun in the work place!

Every Sunday I put out a new episode of “4 Ridiculous Ways to Have Fun at Work This Week”. They’ll make your work fun for a change. The bright side is that, you’ll enjoy work more and maybe even become productive. After reading this book, who knows, by the end of the week you might be running the company, have a supermodel wife (or husband) and drive a Lamborghini to work. If you already have a wife or husband, then you can refer to your new wife/husband as the “fun wife/husband” and your current wife/husband as the “ol’ball and chain” … or not ;).

This is the twenty ninth episode in the “Having Fun in the Work Place Series”.

One last thing that I think you’ll be interested in: the new episode is FREE on the Sunday when it comes out!

In other words, every Sunday you can collect your new 4 Ridiculous Ways to Have Fun at Work This Week for FREE.

Some of you might be asking: “But, but, there are five days in my horrible sucky week! What am I supposed to do on the fifth day??” – come on…everyone knows that Friday is the day you get ready for the weekend!! No one expects you to actually work on Friday – that’s absurd :P. It’s almost as absurd as going to work when it’s raining!

Without further ado, here are your 4 ways.

Enjoy and thank me later!

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