Free Stuff And Why I Love It

What is it about free stuff I love?

Ultimatly, the reason I am so passionate about free stuff is the fact it is free. I enjoy being frugal and only spend where needed.

Now, that’s not to say that everything has a good or better freebie equivalent, that’s not the fact unfortunately. But that doesn’t stop me from looking first.

I have also found that, getting hold of a free sample in the past; it gave me the opportunity to try something that I later purchased.

So, why do I love freebies? They give me options. Options which can ultimately save me money; as well as getting something I don’t like or need.

What alternatives are on offer?

Now, this question is dependant on the item your looking for. When we’re taking about cosmetics abs fragrances. The freebie you get is about finding out if you like a product or not; not about alternatives.

Freebie alternatives are more about reading, learning and doing.


One of the big daily freebies I list is to do with free Kindle books.

I enjoy reading a good book. I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction. We all see releases of the latest books by well known authors, books coding is £5.99 or more. Books we read through once and then put aside.

However, you may not know that there are thousands of complete free books out there. Amazon has so many free kindle books you’ll not be able to read them all.

Whats the catch? The only catch is that these authors will most likely be lesser known writers, though this is not always the case. The books will differ in quality. However, there are enough books to keep you engaged for free for a very long time.

Then there are the non-fiction books. I’ve learnt many things from these free kindle books. Some have only been free for a limited time span, so it’s worth looking. I post a links daily to a free books you may like to read.

Check them out and you may even find a new favourite author.


The best thing about these non-fiction books is that you are learning something for free. Something that could provide your benefit.

I knew there was more out there though. Something of the end next level and I found it. What did I find?

Well, I found that there were a great number of free video training courses that were available to take and learn from all for free.

Learn how to speak another language. LEarn how to program a computer or how to ok a pie. These and far many more learning courses are out there. For me, this was a way to change and learn. Something I had to share with others who could benefit too.


Oh my. There is so much I can list under doing. There are days out. There are events. There are kits. What I really like though in regards to doing, is the usage of computer software. Software that is specific to doing a task.

Often I find companies releasing limited timed releases of a version of their software or a computer game. It’s not widely publicised I find so I like to list.

What I have found though is many don’t always seem to check out or know about the free computer software alternatives. Free stuff specifically created to do tasks.

Many people may go out and spend tens or hundreds of pounds on a piece of software to do a task. Maybe it’s a photo or video editor. Maybe you need a word processor.

There are free alternatives out there, some which are more feature rich. I save so much money each year by using these free alternatives. The best is, these are perfectly legal. They are not pirated version but are open source alternatives. Software written by groups of people who want to give that free alternative.

Some of this software is just amazing.

I Just Live Free Stuff

When it come so down to it. I just love finding and using freebies. It also give some me pleasure to share them to others. That’s why this site continues to grow.

Try some yourself today. Enjoy being frugal.

Free Stuff And Why I Love It
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