Having fun with freebie food

Some may have you believe you can survive daily on free foodWell, the reality is; unless you forage or dumpster dive (not things I cover here); you won’t get enough food or drink freebies to subsidise your daily food bill. Especially if there is more than one of you.

Have some fun!

This truth does stop you having some great fun with these freebies.

Heres a tip; what I like to do with those food and drink freebies.

Grab all the free vouchers, free samples and use the apps to grab a much free food and drink as you can over a 2 week period (sometimes a little longer if it’s a slow fortnight).

Store away all these food and drink bits and samples. Then at the end of the fortnight put it all into you picnic basket or bag and go have a free picnic. Enjoy the freebies on a great afternoon out near the sea, in the country or just down the local park.

You can still do it during the winter, though would be indoor places or make a camp in one of your rooms.

Freebies can be great to receive. But it’s also a chance to do something fun every now and again.

So, that’s my tip; practical advice; on freebie food and drink. Do you do something different? Maybe hold a party or something. Else? Then let us know in the comments below.

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