One Thought Of Something You May Want To Do With Any Freebie Food Items

Why the Idea?

This idea originates from something a Friend told me. So, one of the more famous fast food places here (and around all the world) holds many promotional things during the year. They do a Monopoly based game at least once a year with some instant win tickets to be found that give many items from a drink to a burger, ice cream to a doughnut and much more..

This friend said to me that they save all the instant win items and instead of using them up themselves; they give them away to people sleeping on the street. Giving them a free burger or drink or whatever other freebie items they have in their vouchers. What a fantastic way to use these; why have that free burger yourself when you can give someone that needs it more that free burger; and its not costing you anything..

Extending on that idea.

So; my thought is; why do we need to wait for these specific giveaways?

We can get freebies all the time. There are many food freebies that we find and list them here.. we can use these freebie offers and grab free drinks and free food. Why not do something similar to my friend and give these freebies away to people in more need – well; that is – unless your in as much need yourself of course (I know I have been in the situation many times where all money coming in went to rent and food only).

We could all go and grab a free item using a voucher or offer. Then if we see someone in the street; offer them that item. It wouldn’t have cost us anything to get that item – so what we are doing is just giving away that free item.

This is just a thought of something we could do. Its one of the practical ideas that I am mulling over myself and wanted to share with you incase its something you would like to do now. To be clear; I’m only suggesting this and not asking you to go do this. You may want to take that freebie home and eat or drink it yourself which is totally fine also.. But if you find that you can grab an item for free and then share that item to someone in more need then you could also do that.

More ideas to come

I hope that this idea has at least stirred up some thoughts of what you could do with freebie items. Maybe you have had other thoughts like sharing out free cosmetic items etc. Keep checking back in the future as I will add and suggest more practical thoughts and ideals on what you can do with freebies.


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