Perfume samples are easy to transport

Have you ever thought how easy it is to transport with you a perfume or aftershave sample. Well I have; and here are two practical uses we have taken advantage of.

Perfect for holidays

When I travel on holiday I never know where to pack the large perfume and aftershave bottles. Do we take 1, 2 or more? Will the glass bottles get broken in my suitcase?

Also each bottle adds weight, you may think not a lot BUT it’s the weight of say another pair of shorts, a tshirt or something along those lines.

What I like to do is grab all the samples I can order for free. Each sample is supplied in a different container. Some maybe a sachet, some small pump bottles. But the common factor is they are small amounts and weight next to nothing.

Gather enough and you can pack a different scent for each day of your holiday. Small, convenient, easy to transport and you can try different ones each day.  How fantastic is that.

Youbcan spend the winter months amassing your samples ready to choose from to take on holiday.

Take along to interviews and meetings

Another fantastic thing about them being so small is you can fit them in your pocket or bag.

When on you way to that important meeting it interview; when you get there you can quickly apply some on you so that you smell fresh and nice.

This will also boost your confidence as no worries about how you are smelling. May sound bad but we all get that worry when we’ve been rushing or worrying

There we have it. Two practical uses I use fragrance samples for. Do you have any stories of uses other than these? If so, why not share them in the comments


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