Social Anxiety and Shyness: The Solution to Eliminate Social Anxiety Disorder. How to Overcome Shyness, Improve Your Social Skills Increasing your Self-Esteem

Social Anxiety and Shyness: The Solution to Eliminate Social Anxiety Disorder. How to Overcome Shyness, Improve Your Social Skills Increasing your Self-Esteem

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Do you want to find the solution to eliminate social anxiety disorder, how to overcome shyness, improve your social skills increasing your self-esteem? If yes, then keep reading…

While social anxiety is part of every human being’s life and is even an important factor in early childhood development, a chronic and constant anxiety in social settings is diagnosed as a mental disorder. There is a correlation showing that social anxiety tends to run in families.

We all know the feeling of being nervous or uncomfortable in a social situation or setting. Maybe you’ve clammed up when meeting someone new or your palms get sweat before making a big presentation, or your stomach is knotting and rumbling at the thought of doing anything or indulging in any task that involves interacting with people, or communicating. Public speaking or walking into a room full of strangers isn’t exactly thrilling for everybody, but most people can get through it.  

If you have a social anxiety disorder, though, the stress of these situations is too much to handle. You might avoid all social contact because things that other people consider as “normal” — like making small talk and eye contact — make you feel so uncomfortable. All aspects of your life, not just the social life, could start to fall apart.  

Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental disorders we have. Like it is called, it is the anxiety that comes with social settings and situations. So if you have it, there’s hope.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • Rejection and Shyness
  • Understanding anxiety and social anxiety
  • Difference between anxiety and social anxiety
  • Causes and symptoms of social anxiety
  • Dealing with the causes
  • How fear develop into anxiety
  • Stuck in shyness
  • How to overcome shyness
  • Some ways to overcome shyness
  • How social anxiety affects the brain
  • Managing social anxiety
  • Defining the Cognitive Thinking Errors
  • Live a Little!
  • Avoid and Overcome Negativity
  • Do Some Cognitive Restructuring
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • … AND MORE!!!

People with social anxiety are generally described as having a very high level of shyness. We all feel a bit shy or nervous at times but some people feel it more extremely. For these people, it can be very debilitating. It affects their ability to go out and socialize, to meet new people, to get involved in new things. It may even start to affect their ability to go to work or school.

This group of people are often labeled as introverts as opposed to extroverts. In the past, it has been thought that only 25% of the US population considered themselves introverts, but a sample taken in the late 1990s showed that it is in reality closer to 50%. The reason we often think that extroverts are more common is that introverts often can disguise themselves as extroverts. While feeling incredibly uncomfortable being outgoing, they are still able to put on a brave face and be perceived by others as not being shy.

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