The One Hour Business Plan for Starting a Small Business: The Solopreneur's Guide on How to Write a Business Plan & Start a Business. Escape the 9 to 5. ... Planner (Business Planning Series Book 1)

The One Hour Business Plan for Starting a Small Business: The Solopreneur’s Guide on How to Write a Business Plan & Start a Business. Escape the 9 to 5. … Planner (Business Planning Series Book 1)

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“Unlock Countless Business Ideas & Opportunities. Create a Successful Small Business for Yourself with Simple Planning and Strategy. INCLUDES LIFETIME UPDATES with REGULAR NEW CONTENT & RESOURCES

Does any of this sound like you?

1. You have SPENT hours upon hours researching random business and marketing ideas and you’re so overwhelmed you feel like packing it all in and getting a job, except you can’t stand the thought of that either.
On most days you struggle to keep on top of the small tasks and haven’t planned a strategy for your business. If you did plan a strategy, it was to tick a box and move on. You haven’t looked at it since.
2. You chase after business trends
You’ll learn how the best companies think differently and are on the lookout for new markets they can create for themselves!
3. You don’t know your business’ numbers.
You can’t bare to sit and do the accounting. You’ve outsourced your accounting (smart move), but you have no idea of what your numbers look like and when you speak to the accountant you don’t understand a word. You’ll learn the basic steps to financially analyse your business without ‘falling asleep at the wheel’ or spending countless hours researching.
4. You don’t know HOW to present yourself, your business or your ideas to be taken seriously by potential investors and clients.
You’ll learn specialized hacks to blast your communication skills into turbo-drive.
5. You’re not really SURE WHO your clients are or WHAT your business will do for them.
You’ll learn to identify and plan for your clients and customers.
6. You’re not sure if your market is too saturated.
You’ll learn the principles of creating new markets for yourself and your business.
7. You’re not as effective as you’d like to be in your daily work.
You’ll get resources and hacks to help make your productivity soar.
If any of the above applies to you, The 1 Hour Business Plan will help you organize your ideas and come up with a simple roadmap to small business success. You will learn everything that has taken me years of hard work and investment to learn. COUNTLESS principles and strategies. To be specific, this step-by-step guide-book contains my first 3 years’ worth of initial exploration and trial and error as an entrepreneur hyper-compressed into one full hour of mind-melting businessy goodness.

Here’s what’s jam-packed in this nifty business how-to guide:

1. Introduction to Business Plan Writing
2. Why This Business Plan Book Works
Validate your Idea
Goals and Strategy
What Now?
3. Business Plan Writing Skills
Cut the Crap and Stand out from your Competition.
Clarity is King:
4. When Should I Write a Business Plan?
5. Common Mistakes in Business Plans
Stick to the facts:
Identify your competitors:
How will you make money?
6. How Can I Provide Value?
7. What ‘s your Mission Statement?
8. What if Sh*t Hits the Fan?
9. Have you Tested it?
The Research Phase
Feasibility Study:
Location of your Target Customers
10. The Executive Summary
Executive Summary
What Goes in an Executive Summary?
Tips for Writing the Executive Summary
Appearance and Presentation
11. Company Description
What Goes into the Company Description?
Tips for Writing the Company Description
12. Product or Service
13. Market Analysis
Tips for Market Analysis
14. Marketing Strategy
15. Management Summary
16. Financial Analysis
Keep it Realistic
More Tips for this Section
Key Financial Projections
17. Your Balance Sheet
Starting Your Balance Sheet
18. How to do an income statement
19. How to do a Cash-flow statement


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