Top 5 Freebies in 2016 (Mid Year)

My 2016 Top 5 Freebies To Date

Stuff For Free

I don’t know about  you but I love getting stuff for free. I love the price; you can’t get better than FREE (well you can; you could get someone pay you to take it) and it allows me to try things I would normally not.. I love finding free stuff; I love ordering free stuff and I love receiving free stuff.. I also love sharing the links for the free stuff and free samples with you.. Yes, you; you that is reading this.

So far this year (June 2016 so mid way through) I have received some great freebies and so wanted to share with you my favourite top 5 items.

My Top 5 Items

So; all these items I have taken from links that are or have been available on this site. I are only listing itemsI have found; well because if I found them I have listed them on this site. As I say; I love to share all freebie links with everyone.. So, lets begin..

5 – Heinz Tomato Seeds (Expired)

Free Heinz Tomotoes Seeds

Free Heinz Tomotoes Seeds

There is nothing like fresh veg; well there is.. when you’ve grown it yourself AND certainly when you’ve grown it from FREE seeds.. This FREEBIE is giving me more and more and I love a good tomato so it certainly makes it to number 5 in my list..



4 – YSL Black Opium (Expired)

Black Opium

Black Opium

Good perfume is so expensive and I find that not all FREE samples are the same. I’ve experienced some that are just a bit of wet cloth for you to smell and then I experienced the sample from YSL. The sample itself was in a smaller spray type bottle and was of a size that allowed it to be used over a number of days. My wife took this away with use on a long weekend and just used only that fragrance. The best thing was it lasted all that weekend and still had some left AND it was lovely.. Certainly one of the top 5 items in this half year..




3 – Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razer (Expired)

Free Hydro 5 Razer

Free Hydro 5 Razer

It seems every month there is a new wet razor out with that extra blade; and with each extra blade the price goes up. So this FREEBIE was a fantastic chance for us to try one of these out. Shaving is always an effort so having something that is easy to use and that doesn’t cut or pull was fantastic. As this was such a nice offer to have it made it to my number 3 favourite for the first half of this year.. Lets see how the year end progresses to see if its still there..





2 – 2 x Cans of RedBull (Expired)

Free Cans of Redbull

Free Cans of Redbull

This only slightly missed out on first spot.. I love my Redbull and to get 2 free cans sent to me.. Well they went down a treat. Theres nothing like getting something for FREE that you love; well other than getting 2 of them for FREE which is why this nearly came in on top.. Still; it was a great FREEBIE for Redbull to do and I enjoyed it for sure.






1 – Swarovski Bracelet   (Expired)

Free Swarovski Bracelet

Free Swarovski Bracelet

This great little bracelet was a hit with both my wife and my daughter (they each want to try it on). Said to be worth £40; it was a little bracelet which was covered in Swarovski crystals. The one thing about this bracelet is that although it was free; there was a cost of £3.99 for P&P. Normally I don’t post items which have a P&P cost unless they are of greater value.. And this certainly was.






In Conclusion

And there we have it. That my top 5 pick of freebies so far in 2016. I will do another one of these around December which may have some changes; may have some of the sam.. Who knows.. With the freebies and free samples coming out here in the UK and Internationally; they are getting better and better.

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