What inspired this free stuff site

When I’ve had to give a description of my site I’ve always said that this site exists because of two main reasons.

1) I wanted to create a site that listed all items I would want to get, so that includes things such a simple ebooks, computer software, and games, plus other items.

2) I wanted to make sure that each day I posted – there had to be one truly new freebie item.

However, I’ve never detailed on how I got started on this journey. It all started with a social media post from Rob Cubbon; https://robcubbon.com/ ; who’s a entrepreneur I’ve followed for a few years now.

Rob is someone I trust the word of, and so when he mentioned a book called ‘How To Live Free’ by Deepak Tailor, it peeked my interest.

I read this book with interest. I could see where he was coming from and enjoyed it. For years I had enjoyed grabbing free stuff, going back to when there were public domain libraries of free software. So reading about these opportunities urged me on.

I didn’t some research and found Deepak’s freebie site http://www.latestfreestuff.co.uk/

I found numerous freebies to hand. Things I could apply for, things I could try out. Items that may have been beyond my free and available disposable cash flow.

This site I found a great resource and true inspiration.

I dug deeper and found other, similar sites each offering some different items (as well as similar one sameness items). Sites such as



There are many more sites out there, but these 3 freebie sites really set my foundation in wanting to share freebies too.

I looked at what these sites gave, what was similar and what was different. I wanted to try and live up to my 2 main reasons for the site above, and I found I could.

Now, each site above and including my own site https://grabfreestuff.co.uk Have common things we list. Certain free samples and items, both in the UK and world wide, are listed widely on many sites. Your big brand samples or particular give aways.

I too needed to list these items too, as, without them, people would miss out. But I found a little niche, something I found missing on most freebie sites. I list both free available software and have a daily free kindle book listing. These are items that people can grab immediately and can be of great use and value.

That’s how my site was born. Inspired by the great work of the above-mentioned sites, driven by what they offered to find something missing and list that.

I have to thank all mentioned above which is why I am posting this blog post. I just hope that one day, people will view me as an inspiration too.

What inspired this free stuff site
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